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Injustice in Arizona

Known Mexican Drug Dealers given preferential treatment over U. S. Citizens

Press Release:

Update!!! Update!!!

Richard McClure is found not guilty.

Malicious Prosecution

Mr McClure has been the target of malicious prosecution by the Deputy Prosecutor of Pima County John W. Dickinson). No physical or forensic evidence was ever found to link Mr. McClure to the following crime.

Michael Ramirez robbed and attempted to murder his roommates in a botched drug ripoff, with one or two black accomplices. Knowing this, the prosecution built a case against Mr. McClure using the following tactics. Seven months into the investigation the prosecution was still lacking the evidence they needed to establish a connection to this crime for Mr. McClure. In spite of Michael Ramirez's unreliable account of the events leading up to and after the crime. In spite of the fact that the prosecutors knew that Michael Ramirez was an unreliable source of information.. A plea bargain was offered to Michael Ramirez, the principle in the crime in exchange for testimony against Mr. McClure. Michael Ramirez was offered a 7/21 sentence in exchange for a 63 year sentence without parole.

Christina Ramirez, Michaels sister, Mr. McClures Girl friend was subjected to a wide variety of harrassment, threats and intimidation as well as offers of immunity through the prosecutors office if she would testify against Mr. McClure. She was never asked to tell the truth. Somehow Christina Ramirez found the strength to come forward and tell the truth in three trials in spite of continued pressure from the prosecutors office.

One victim, Jaun Cervantes a known drug smuggler and distributor of illegal drugs in the United States with connections to major drug cartels, and a resident alien was offered immunity from prosecution for his testimony against Mr. McClure. Jaun Cervates could not identify Mr. McClure with out prompting for more than 45 minutes by police officers that knew Mr. McClure's identity.

Two other victims of this crime were never interviewed by detectives even though they were known to be involved with Jaun Cervantes drug operations and either because of inadeqate police security or with the help of police officers they fled this country.

One other person, an aquaintance of Mr. McClure, was offered a deal by the prosecutors office. One week after his supporting testimony for Mr. McClure in the first trial, this man was contacted by the prosecutors office with the following deal, in exchange for testimony against Mr. McClure the prosecutors office would seek to obtain an early release for his brother from prison or signicantly reduce his brothers sentence.

All testimony offered by the Pima County Deputy Prosecutor, Dickinson, against Mr. McClure was obtained through the use of plea bargains, imunity fom prosecution or by coercion.

It is time to stop this practice of offering deals of immunity or plea bargains for testimony against another individual. It is illegal to offer money in exchange for tesimony against another person, it should be illegal to offer testimony in exchange for privileges, deals, and immunity. I will be contacting our law makers to correct this situation.

The drug runners and gangsters are still able to continue their operations against the citizens of this country while vital police resources were used to disrupt the lives of one man and his family.

Mr. McClure as a result of these actions against him has been denied contact with his son. The State of Arizona must correct this problem expediciously.

The price of justice is high enough, justice should never be for sale.

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Case History
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The Prosecutors Conduct How the Prosecutor attempted to mislead the jury.
Sixth Ammendment Violation How the lawyer assigned to defend my son conspired with the prosecutor and judge to deny my son his right to a speedy trial.
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Call to Action
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Fight Back!!! How to organize and take on renegade officials
Needed Emails What You can do to help!!!
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Commentary: Presumption of Innocence

If you are accused of a crime in this country, by the constitution and the laws of our land you are to be considered innocent until proven guilty.

In the war against crime: that is no longer true, you are now considered "guilty as charged". You must prove that you did not commit the crime you are accused of having committed.

Richard McClure is charged with the commission of a crime. The case has no merit as per following statements:

1. No physical evidence was found that would have implicated Richard. Extensive forensic testing of his clothing, his possessions, his home, and his
car turned up no carpet fibers, blood, or objects taken in the crime.

2. Michael Ramirez's home had a wealth of the evidence described in paragraph 1. Yet The prosecutor bargained 66 years of sentence away for 7 years if Michael would implicate Richard. Michael not only admitted to the crime but has bragged about it.

3. Michael's wife, girlfriend and sister testified that he is a liar and performed the crime with identified individuals that met the descriptions of the victims
yet the prosecution did not pursue these leads. These individuals were identified not only by name but by photo and descriptions. Richard does not match the descriptions.

4. The prosecution maintains that Richard committed this crime in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary simply because they believe he was somehow involved.

Jury selections have excluded members simply because they have asked the question "why are we here if there is no evidence or proof of involvement".

The procecutors with the assistance of the judge have been able to keep Richard imprisoned for a year now without compelling evidence or testimony of Richard's involvement in this crime.

In fact the prosecutors office has been involved and is under investigation for witness tampering, coersion, and threatening witnesses in order to provide testimony against Richard. To date the only trestimony against Richard admitted in court is that of Michael Ramirez. Bought and paid for through unethical plea bargaining.

Michael Ramirez needs to spend the rest of his life in prison!.

Harold Weber ETC/ss USN/ret.

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