What You can do To Help
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What you can do to help!!!

* I would like to engage a large (a million would suit me just fine)

* number of emails to the following addresses:


* azbar@azbar.org Arizona Bar Association

* ag.inquires@ag.atate.az.us Arizona State Attorney General

* azgov@azgov.state.az.us Jane Hull Govenor


* Senators for Arizona


* CC: John_McCain@McCain.senate.gov

* info@kyl.senate.gov


* Please follow the following rules of engagement:


* 1. Be brief - get to the point.

* 2. no obscene material

* 3. use case Number, name of my son, and Pima county superior court.

* 4. Only 1 email per day, per point, per alias.


* A. Richard D. McClure

* B. CR-63715

* C. Pima county superior court.


* Please cover the following points:


* 1. Witness tampering by investigating officer and prosecutor.

* 2. Illegal issuance of a search warrant.

* 3. Unauthorized and misuse of a swat team.

* 4. Misrepresentation of evidence by the prosecutor, knowing full well the true nature of the evidence.

* 5. Presentation of perjured testimony.

* 6. Unethical plea bargaining with the principle offender in order to Secure perjured testimony.

* 7. Jury tampering, active prosecutor and 2 parole officers on jury.

* 8. Admission of wrongdoing by testimony of investigating officer and Prosecutor for the "greater good".

* 9. Blocking of telephone calls to my house from the Pima county jail.

* 10. Trashing of personal effects of my son during move to new cell block.

* 11. In ability of the Pima county superior court to provide, court transcripts, investigative reports and all case related documents to appointed attorney with in 7 days as required by law. Documents arrived

* 1 week before trial, after a 60 day delay. This was in an attempt to force my son to sign away his right to a speedy trial. it appears the court really doesn't want to try this case or let my son go.


* Also send emails to his appointed lawyer telling him of the need to speak with his client, and push this case into court on the set trial

* date anyway using the above 11 points as part of his defense.


* Lawyer - JSAtucson@aol.com


* All of the allegations are a matter of public record and can be proven by evidence.


* I fought the cold war to its finish (no campaign medal awarded) and I will win this one as well.


* Hweber etc/ss usn/ret

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