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Date: Sunday, September 19, 1999 2:48 AM

I hired a lawyer to represent my son because I felt that the public defender was not doing enough. For my money I got an education;

Even though I paid for the lawyer I was treated like S-T! by the Lawyer and her staff. I did not get an accounting of expenses, strategy to be employed, nor was I ever updated. I was milked routinely for additional expenses, and there was even an attempt to obtain my credit card numbers so they wouldn't have to bother me for more money.

My son got a half-hearted defense that fell well short of the scorched earth policy I had tried to push for hostile witnesses. Enough was done to satisfy the Bar Association, which is more like complaining to the thieves' guild about a burglary by one of their members. It was clear that the lawyer was not about to damage her relationship with the "judge" and "prosecutor" concerning my son's case. We were reminded when we asked for updates that My Son was her client and not us so we were not deserving of an update, my son told her to update us anyway but she obviously had trouble hearing those days.

We finally told her when my sons case ended in a hung jury, complete with a biased jury, (an active prosecutor and two parole officers served on the jury), that if she wanted to collect the balance due she should speak to her client about it, my son if he had been found not guilty would have had his assets returned and could have paid her. It was clear it was not the case but the money she saw.

She hasvowed to get the balance due from us I look forward to defending myself from her in court as I will destroy her reputation, because Iwill make this battle public.

Hweber ETC/ss USN/ret

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