No Response from Agencies
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No Response from Agencies

Date: Sunday, September 19, 1999 2:08 AM

Currently I have filed with the Arizona State Attorney General's Office, since the group that arrested my son was one of her pet projects (Janet Neopolitano liberal extraordinare) S.M.A.R.T Team (goon squads). I got no response, not even a goodbye kiss (your case may have merit, but.......). I have filed with the Department of Justice, no goodby kiss either. I did file with Internal Affairs Tucson Police Department they referred my case to the Inspector general's office, Agent Alex Vazquez.PO box 471, Tucson, AZ 85702 (520-670-5243). I have tried to contact agent Vasquez but he seems to perpetually else where.

I have asked the Criminal Trial Lawyers, the Rutherford Institute, Arizona justice and a host of other organizations I at least got a negative response (your case may have merit, but.......). Al Sharpton, Oscar Tillman, Jesse Jackson wont get involved unless I can
figure out how to make it a media event.

But even if I could make it a national media event I would have to mobilize the National guard to keep them at arms length. All I am asking is for a fair assessment of the wrong that is being done here. Our so-called high profile freedom fighters are MIA when it comes down to the common man. "Ask not what I can do for you, but what will I get out of this." Is their battle cry for these high profile liars and fakes. I will continue to fight in the trenches, as I am retired navy and feel cheated by justice. I swore to my wife that I would carry the fight and if possible do what it takes to take down at least one corrupt officer a year and expose them to the common citizenry. What's more I will use the legal system to do it, so they will have no place to hide. I don't intend just to get them fired or have them resign I intend to send every corrupt cop I can prove to jail.

Hweber ETC/ss USN/ret

"bruce eggum"
Yes, we have a corrupt system.

Justice is a lost term, prosecutors seek only to prosecute. The allegation, true or false, seems all they need.

Thankyou for posting your case. Perhaps some of us will research the law on the net to find resources for you.

I am wondering if this charge shouldn't be placed with the States Attorney General office. If that office refuses or fails to properly
investigate, than you could move to federal relief.

Would a few thousand emails help? Can you give us an email address to the AG or Internal Affairs?

Stay tuff, eggy

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