Constitutional Violations
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Constitutional Violations

The Richard McClure Story

A story of deceit by public officials in their attempt to pursue a private agenda of hate at taxpayers expense.

As an honest citizen you may think you are safe and have nothing to fear from the authorities. Read this and think again.

To aid your study of this case I will provide a few brief comments on constitutional violations in this case.

4th Ammendment - Illegal search and seizure.
Richards home was raided by Sierra Vista AZ police officers and US Border Patrol in a search for evidence. In His first trial the investigating officer could not assign a compelling reason for the search other than the time frame that Richard moved to Sierra Vista. The only mention of Richard in the origional report at that time identified Richard only as the boyfriend of Christina Ramirez the sister of Michael Ramirez. All Items seized from Richards home have not been used in evidence against him, nor has forensic testing proven a connection of these objects to the crime. Yet the court refuses to release Richards property.

6th Ammendment - Right to speedy trial
The judge and Richards appointed lawyer imposed a waiver of speedy trial rights above the voiced opposition of Richard McClure in a court of law. Richard was ejected from the court room for voicing his opposition.

8th Ammendment - Excessive bail
Richards bail was set at $500,000 and has been refused bail reduction or property exchanges for bail. With no compelling evidence of involvement in the crime. Michael Ramirez the principle in this case had bail set for $350,000. In spite of the evidence that clearly identifies him as the perportrator.

14th Ammendment - Equal protection under the law
Michael Ramirez has been given preferential treatment in spite of the fact that he admitted to the crime, bragged about it, the witnesses said he did it and the evidence proves beyond a shadow of doubt that he did it. Yet the prosecutor plea bargained with Michael for purgered testimony against Richard. Previously Michael had not identified Richard as being involved, but when offered 7 years in prison VS 66 years Michael agreed to implicate Richard. The victims all of whom were illegal aliens and evidence showed that they were involved with drug smuggling were offered immunity for their testimony. Michael was identified as the lead perportrator and individuals other than Richard were positively identified as the other accomplice. Richard has never been interviewed by the prosecution or offered any kind of a deal against the victims or Michael Ramirez.

A separate page will identify the revised statutes of Arizona that have been broken by the prosecution and investigating officer.

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One final note: all allegations are supported by public record.

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